Statistics Collaborative - Design and analysis for biomedical research


Our clients have consistently recognized our work for its quality. Our strengths lie in listening to what is being asked of the trial design and then assisting the sponsor to frame the primary and secondary hypotheses properly, helping to write sections of the protocol, drafting and/or executing the analysis plan, assisting in writing sections of the report for submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), developing code and performing statistical analyses, and serving as the statistical representative at FDA meetings. In particular, our clients seek us out when their trials involve novel analytical issues that require careful thought and rigorous attention to detail.

Our statisticians have applied both recently developed and conventional statistical methods to the wide range of study designs encountered in research and development in clinical trials and epidemiology. Staff members conduct original research in statistics and have made significant contributions to scientific literature. We believe our experience in collaborating with scientists in many fields uniquely qualifies us to offer services that meet the needs of a wide variety of research organizations.